The Pinup Academy

Authentically Themed Pinup Studio Sets

Designed with you in mind… the decision for us to invest in creating various themed pinup studio sets was an easy one, when you consider we wanted our ladies to feel relaxed, comfortable and at home when posing for the camera and studio sets definitely make this so much easier; especially when it’s there first time in a photography studio.

Ladies attending one of our pinup makeover & photoshoot packages get to choose which studio sets they’d like to shoot in, the furniture and even how the sets are dressed; right down to the props and ornaments.

Then with the help and guidance from one of the UK’s top internationally published pinup models; October Divine they shift into character, sitting in a chair, lying on a sofa or talking on the phone,  It’s all made so much easier when you become part of a studio set, rather than standing in front of a paper backdrop having to rely on your imagination.

Vintage Living room is one of the Pinup Academy's themed pinup studio sets

Internationally Published Pinup Studio Sets

Our studio sets frequently appear internationally in top pinup magazines and other fashion related publications, as many of the UK’s top pinup models have photographed feature sets in the very same studios you’ll be visiting after booking one of our pinup makeover & photoshoot packages, where you get to be a pinup for the day, or maybe even longer! So many of our clients have gone on to try their hand at modelling after experiencing one of our pinup makeover & photoshoot packages.

pinup model in nautical dress sat in kitchen

When designing our studio sets our goal was to make them professional, authentic and true to the period however, it was equally important to make sure they remained warm and cosy, fun, relaxing and welcoming to ensure our clients feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe and friendly environment.

This is a truly unique experience provided by the Pinup Academy, check out our package prices and availability to book your own pinup makeover & photoshoot experience in our vintage themed pinup studio sets. Or treat a loved one and let them see what you see!

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